Zonning Out – ModeNine ft. Vector


 Download Zonning Out by ModeNine ft. Vector. ModeNine is a Nigerian rapper often regarded as one of the best rappers in Africa. He is known to epitomize what he calls Afro Hip Hop (which signifies African hip hop) with his amazing metaphorical lyrics, deep relevant punchlines and creativity. ModeNine was greatly influenced by artists like KRS-One, Roy Ayers, Kurtis Blow and Big Daddy Kane.


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Vector Talking:
Ha ha ha, he he he he he he he he he he
Ok hehehehehe
I give them a laugh again
Dem go say we no dey do commercial that we
We don’t try to dumb it down. WHAT!?
But make dem sef smarten up now
Ha ha ha alright no offence though
But anyway, middle finger if you take that personal

[Verse 1]
Middle finger all the gangs in the game
Pussy niggas gonna get banged in the game
None like me, we don’t have the same jeans
We don’t wear the same denim
See the man is insane
I love my sneakers, fuck my gucci still
Ladies love the gun, I call em jazzy groupies
Making money on my solo ground
But these niggas talk cheap
They got the visafone promo lines
Encore that on thunderer
No game but my lines double on contra
Never had a bullet, ama spray till the end of the game
Meaning ama kill everything in my way
On my way, anyway, they dying
Turn a body to a spirit anyday they flying
Can’t learn my trade, you better be headed to Aba
Cause I’m past Phase1 you can’t meet up with my car
And I’m past phase 2,3,4,5,6
Even V.G.C is like I’m headed to Ajah
Google this line, you can’t call it a bluff
When I say I’m first blood like Steven Huff
Let’s see if you’ll be the bold when they catch you at the corner
I know you tryna blow but, yama la pun
Lyricist on the row, Vector and Modo
Bi mo se gbo pe beat yen sexy, mo do
You no be wall, u be net, I be leaf
You ain’t the best, you got holes, you the seive
I’m sick dope enough to go against the world
You just got little fans, you like the geisha girl
See, why do I even rap this dope, I dont know
O boy free rap for bara
Your alagbara fit pass for pope
Iyalaya awon weyrey, fuck outta here
Ondun, I forgot to add that
Ondun Ondun, Ondun

Mode 9
[Verse 2]

Shout out to Vector, short notice though
Dope verse, let’s do this Modo
There goes, balling half balling, no sweat
Ama chill when I leave the ball in your net
Attack to your neck there goes the low blow
No subbing full time in the go joe
I dare yall to take shots at Modo
And it will count against you’all like an own goal
I shine your girls Congo, you still dey toast
I’m in America now, you’re playin monkey post
Dem say I too dey pose, but dem too hollow
I’m riding till the wheels fall off, full throttle
Ghost mode with the gin bottle speaking this
Spirits modo overkilling when he spits it
It is so acidic
Fuck a critic, what they do is played out figure
I walk around with the microwave radar
Enemies are poaching Eric beep like a pager
Then I cut them all down with dar faders lazer
I’m like years ahead of you’all rocking a silver blazer
Travel full to stargate to beat that ass like Joe Frazier
Scared to try me ah, you gonna regret it
I swear down bet it
I’m fucking 7 groupies at the same time
You gonna think my dick is hydra headed
If what you say is so fly. Ama spider web it
Then deny you credit, call me the loco wrecker
I walk the walk, you can check my dusty coco trekkers
You ain’t tryna check us, you paying ludo
I’ll be drinking henny, you’ll be tipsy off the nuvo
I got the chris money smell, new dough
I rule though halo bars give the hood feel
Uh, I mean the over your head hood feel
I burst an old rhyme and time stood still
You would have been a bad man if looks could kill
I got goons to ride for free, goodwill
They say the goodwill get dropped or finished last
My bad boy piss on the teacher, right after class
Modo put your idols on blast I conor class
Disappearing in the flash 50 or dash
You better than the better when you’re talking out your
Sorry ass, sipping codeine, you couldn’t beat me in
Your dreams
I flow mean, your dress code ruffor
You not tough soldier ass won’t recruit you’all
Arnold rap 2 is me, the square root 4
Get it, 2 square root 4
Mathematical, magical. Pragmatical, carnivore, dinosaur
You mushy you weakling when one pussy speaking I Call
It vagina monologue
Your chick’s on my log cos I’m front page on her blog
Oh my god, next bar is climbable
I’m fierce behind bars like a cage wild animal
Life is a bitch, without the muscle on the mandible
She drives me crazy like the fine young cannibals
I deserve to be in part three of the expendables
The black rambo dude warming up cali stenix
Sitting on a rock, stitching myself no anestenix
Selling you’all in bloody spectrums
Back to the paramedics
Winner? Winner? you ain’t fit to be that
Your heart weak, you’ll probably die running the
Victory lap
Bleed that, die slow or better yet die quick
Unride my dick you win pyrick
I speak double yellow lines no parking son
Fuck shaking hands, no parkinsons
And tell your dog to quit barking son
Before I ship him off to Calabar, that’s 404
I don’t paint pictures, I corel draw
I love an oral whore, the way she flips fouls
On my dick Ow, she a big foul
Make me say rar no zip file
Locker room, punish her whip foul
I shift bowels dick in your daughter down
I’m sleeker than Kano oil you’all water down
Take a big hell, oil and water don’t mix well
You’re a bunch of little squares, Pixels!
I’m heavy weight mobil dick big well
You better skip away the little girls in pigtails
She’s gonna pimp the nail, ring a bell, pimp the girl
Leave you subbing and moaning and biting finger nails
Give her some ginger well, smooth talking, fly hood
This chick know the drill, modo pipe good
She turn turn mic the way she pipe my wood
Her big sis peck her, so dumb wood pecker
Still wondering why nobody would peck her
I tell am man to check her, cause she daring Mode
On her knees bowing to the all faiiry mode
Lick my ball berry hole, pick and roll
Her nickname give and go
She taking it free holes wipe her ass in free pole
I leave rapper holier than team T boone
The big booty call me D bone Mody the gutch
Drinking illegal hutch
Only rapping for dutch
Or you mad cos your girl given up the kutch
What you think she dick proof?
She be offering
Calm down you need emotional buffering
1 sign I puke and end all your suffering
I’m blowing up, fuck what you’re uttering
Smash the glass case punch the red button in
Got you wishing for no blow scad course
Welcome to the school of hard knocks
I take shots with real Glocks in the 18 yard box
That’s a death penalty yall kick rocks
Still walking around shoot blank
Forward ever I never look back
Animalistic instinct I hump with a wolf pack
And I can spas on a zoo track
You got beef, i get my chef on, I over cook that
Badman without sugarboy, he took his soup pack
I go back on the map test bull crap
Last album was tough, this one is soup black
My first backing, I’m back in with the right backing
Big boy snacking, food stains on my napkiBoombam king, never run the next man’s thing
Never shine with the next man’s bling
Royal rumble, last man standing in the ring
Right hand up, all I ever do is win
My BB don’t ping, it go ching ching
With my fitted cap, T shirt. Jeans and fresh timbs
I’m still flying high and I did it with clipped wings
Yeah I did it with clipped wings.




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