Super Human – ModeNine ft. Canibus and Mark Deez


Download Super Hunma by ModeNine   ft.  Canibus and Mark Deez. ModeNine is a Nigerian rapper often regarded as one of the best rappers in Africa. He is known to epitomize what he calls Afro Hip Hop (which signifies African hip hop) with his amazing metaphorical lyrics, deep relevant punchlines and creativity. ModeNine was greatly influenced by artists like KRS-One, Roy Ayers, Kurtis Blow and Big Daddy Kane.


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[Intro: Modenine]
Hahaa! It’s Modenine, baby
Teck-Zilla on the beat
Mark Deez…
Can-I-Bus, let’s go!

[Verse 1: Canibus]
Yo, crisis music, weapons grade toolkit
I am the illumine, I’m superhuman
I fireman carry my wounded
Load-bearing vest surgically attached to my chest, no bullshit
Assassin utensils, fashioned out of scrap metal
The first rebel survive past the last level
The concubines of the devil
Laugh and heckle, sucking my hairy pickle, besides my testicles
She knows that I’m reppin’ the booth
Superhuman protector, a truth to humanity
I protected her too
They don’t deserve my verses, shameless inner curses, birth
I deserve to explore inner earth
Sunrise when I emerge, brown dwarf solar flare burst
Cold air inverted on the surface
Dawn till dusk, Can-I-Bus breathe cosmic dust
My limestone lungs Can-NOT-Bus!
Modenine to my left, Mark Deez to my right
Shoulder to shoulder, hold your position and fight
In the dark “I Love War” glows bright
We return at night
Confirm the strike, night vision discerns life
The barbarians vs. Christ, the last war’s at hand
The souls of man are gored in the sand
Prepare for the Lord to land
Volcanism is increased as we plan for a global expanse
Evolution at a glance
Last call, last chance to dance
The human being must die to advance
Crisis music, weapons grade toolkit
I am the illumine, I’m superhuman

[Hook: Mark Deez]
I’m a super human, I’m feeling so invincible
Relying on the principles of everything I spit to you
The living Bruce Lee still in action
You bout to get your ass kicked and make it a classic

[Verse 2: Modenine]
I abide by the Code of Hammurabi
Scribbling rhymes in Arcadia, an eye for an eye
Rebel on laws be careful not to cypher with the bad guys
(We!) Multiply, move like the Anunnaki I’m cocky
Coming around your girl like Colonel Bukakke
Black lung could make the
Red bone turn blue but I spit a black feeling
Slap superhuman, sexual healing
Without the white coat, clipboard, stethoscope
Without swearing the Hippocratic oath
I’m GOAT, you scapegoat
And put it in my
Bad manners, eating with my elbows on the table
I’m a problem with the lethal rhymes
Looking for answers? I’ll free your mind
I’n rebel with the missile
My reputation with the shotgun or fist 4
Fifth lors, sip Lorde
Darth Vador with the mic laser
Galilean a stargazer
Bar raiser, put two in your thick vest
Converge, setting up the thick fest
Mode Mark and Bis, too much to inject
You on every rhyme saving the princess
Hit you in your thin chest
Kick you in your private region
Don’t rhyme with the legendary rhyme legion
Super soldiers ready to attack leave you in a poisonous spot

[Hook: Mark Deez]
I’m a super human
Relying on the principles of everything I speak to you
Still in action
You’re about to get your ass kicked and make it a classic
Tech-Zilla, Can-I-Bus, Modenine
We bust rhyme
Evacuate the premises
God-mode lyricists, we know that you’re feeling this

[Outro: Modenine]
Nigeria… USA
New York… Lagos
You already know
Shout out to Teck-Zilla, Teck-Zilla on the beat
Yeah yeah Can-I-Bus, baby!
Mark Deez
Shout out to my main man, D a.k.a Calibre
Modenine, baby!






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