Revival – Ladipoe

Download Revival by Ladipoe. Ladipo Eso popularly known as Ladipoe or Poe is a Nigerian musician. On 28 February 2017, Ladipoe signed a record deal with Mavin Records. He rose to prominence with the song “Feel Alright” where he got featured by SDC “Show Dem Camp. Listen to Ladipoe songs free online here @ SOUNDOFNAIJA.

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Yea oh yeah
Shout out my bro is last song of the tape
I feel like shout out papi
Feel like but you knew that
TAP season for real
That’s my heart
I don’t care about your top fives
Your metaphors or the cup size of the babe you swear you’re not blaming
Who loves all my punchlines
When I’m right by the front line attacking my goals like a false 9
What is my consine with rappers half as dope as Simi all looking so one kain
They’re like stars in the sunshine invisible
People used to say that streets ti takeover but the waits over
This shit or sure to make you shift your plate over
Food for thought enough to contemplate over
Shit man we need to changeover
What is that odor
Smelling like ether
Every bar I’m raising gasoline meters
Singers losing keys to auto tune dealers
And rappers dying off from Afrobeats fever
I swear
You want some ignorance and laughter
Your babe pulled in on Friday quite late 2am the morning after
I’m bad at pulling out but with really good aim she might need the morning after
You wanna try me that is unlikely
Your family be mourning after
I kill you all dead
Leave the message unread
Then a na close the chapter
Read it it all Thisday Style
A black boy with an off white smile
A black in all off white there’s none like me and I might just follow back cos I’m online now
Yeah or act like my ego and come right down
To the revival
And to my I just got backs
Make sure you buy sense o
You need more than just white friends o
You’ll be chilling in your own lane
Trying to do your own thing
Over here dem no get license o
They just dey swerve anyhow
Everybody on a wave
Use that word anyhow
Any girl with small curves just dey curve anyhow
I chill with quiet types men you know dem guys that don’t preserve any loud
I hope I’ve curbed any doubt
The last of a dying breed man and the rest don’t deserve any crowns oooouu shots
But this is the revival


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