Put am well well – Lagbaja

Download Put am well well by Lagbaja. Bisade Ologunde is a Nigerian afrobeat musician, singer-songwriter and percussionist. Widely known as Lágbájá for his signature use of mask which covers his identity. He believes in social reform through music. listen to Kayswitch songs free online here @ SOUNDOFNAIJA



Market Chants: Obe ree, obe

Lagbaja:Ijebu omo alare, them not dey joke with ikokore

Fela: And gari, morning afternoon and night

Lagbaja: Kwara, them not dey joke with wara

Fela: And eko

Lagbaja: Ekiti, early morning iyan


Fela: Ah! You dont know? Iyam! Twenty four hours ni

Lagbaja: Early morning iyan, count me out o

Fela: Ah! How can you talk like that?

Lagbaja: Count me out its too early for..

Fela: Try

Lagbaja: Try wetin

Fela: Try

Lagbaja: Make I come dey sleep for work

Fela : No, not be that


Lagbaja: When bread and butter dey

Fela: No, excuse me. You see,
colonialism makes you think that bread and butter is beter than gari

Lagbaja: A ha, Me I not be colo. Bread and butter get him own advantage

Fela: Lai lai

Lagbaja: It get

Fela: Lai lai

Lagbaja: I say, it get

Fela: Lai lai

Lagbaja: Oh baba, you not go want hear person


Fela: Okay, tell me

Lagbaja: Bread and butter not go weigh you down

Fela: That one not concern me

Lagbaja: Ahaa

Fela: It not concern me.

Lagbaja: Eh

Fela: You see now. The educated men would eat sausage
and bread every morning. They forget that ewa and moinmoin taste better.

Lagbaja : Ah…. to ba je ti moinmoin,
emi wa fun yen o. Abi you self like am?

Fela: Me?

Lagbaja: En

Fela: Me, Fela?

Lagbaja: En. You like am?

Fela: Ahaa. You don’t know?
Just cut am. Sham… sensere. Put am. Pam…pam. Unhun… straight….iyam.

Lagbaja: You go finish am?

Fela: Patapata

Lagbaja: Aah

Fela: (chuckles)

Lagbaja: Baba

Fela: Ha! You dont know? My name is Fela

Chorus: Gimme gimme better food chop

Put am well well As a big man concern



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