Murder To Excellence – ModeNine

Download Murder To Excellence by ModeNine. ModeNine is a Nigerian rapper often regarded as one of the best rappers in Africa. He is known to epitomize what he calls Afro Hip Hop (which signifies African hip hop) with his amazing metaphorical lyrics, deep relevant punchlines and creativity. ModeNine was greatly influenced by artists like KRS-One, Roy Ayers, Kurtis Blow and Big Daddy Kane.


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I got resilient brilliant UFO skills/ burn charts even when my heats on slow grill/picture this, Forget the show reel /too use to hospital food I’m always so ill/ enemies get run down – road kill/ you aint paying dues that’s a low bill/no talk no deal I’m snatching your meal / making ur ho kneel good loving head over – no heels /uh I help the beat give it the mode feel/one silicon tit chick say I no real/ but she’s fake – Alexander O’neal / if. I catch her ill make her breath under water with no Gills/ her boy friend won’t do jack he soft oat meal / guillotine verses off the head no quill / if my fire don’t get you my smoke will/ I got you open like documents with a broke seal / for real shout out to Marco and Jimmy Jatt/ I see men fucking up without the jimmy hat/and yes I strike 1st no retort /your field marshall on the walkie talkie – abort / you kids need crutches no child. Support./ for claiming that you really balling on and off the court /im flying off to port getting ikwere love /and Bonny back rubs from alice with the fat jugs /south south baby, they know my catalog /been doing this way back analog /my tape gets love the whole nets tripping / you do a free download nobody clicking / the truth is bitter ,nobody rates you / I got twitter popping yea and I’m grateful / blocking all those who retweet shit that’s hateful I hate fools / trying ta take food from my table /they will not be able bodied. And they getting bodied / any body get it careers yea I steady scar /i feel like the king of Arabia’s credit card / in a room full of complimentary cards.




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