Bigger Than This – ModeNine

Download Bigger Than This by ModeNine .ModeNine is a Nigerian rapper often regarded as one of the best rappers in Africa. He is known to epitomize what he calls Afro Hip Hop (which signifies Af ModeNinrican hip hop) with his amazing metaphorical lyrics, deep relevant punchlines and creativity. ModeNine was greatly influenced by artists like KRS-One, Roy Ayers, Kurtis Blow and Big Daddy Kane.


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[INTRO : ModeNine]
Hmmm!!! Yeah!!!
Chord-less, Yeah!!!
Let’s do this. Huh!!!
Doe Def on the mix
MODO… Let’s ride on… Haha

[Hook : Gentle]
What you got can be bigger than this
What you got can be bigger than this
What you got can be bigger than this
What you got can be bigger than this
I’m on a bigger thing

[VERSE 1: ModeNine]
They wanna squeeze me off
They got me started, I rebuild it
They cut me off from the stem
They stupid, I’m deep rooted
Still germinatin’ how can I be muted
Embracing beef, you get tied to the steak and executed
Though I’m the best to do this
I ain’t seeing faeces, I was a bit of pieces
Yeah!!! I seem stressed
My girl put me together like a sim stress
I feel bless, dream less, focus on getting paid so
Flow for the street cos the fruit shade on AO
Case close, I let it go, fade away
I see you toiling in a major way
You should be thankful for all this, I pave the way
Now I’m imagine from the shades of grave
Gorilla warfare, ain’t ???
You gamble with your future living escalade
You dig your grave, with the Ace of Spade


[Verse 2 : ModeNine]
Super feeling laughter (buhahahahaha)
The brave getting captured, Bones getting fractured
Rappers are so backward, Bastards
Better than who?…. They can boo the
None of y’all out rap the 2002 me, ooh wee!!!
Talkless of better than the new me
Imma vet your new hair Rooney
To step to me, y’all bow down knee low
Mode 9 baby, rap super hero
With the top 10, I’m number 9 raise to power zero
Know your indices, Modo be in the six
The paradise shifted, I’m gifted, one in a milli chosen
I’m hulk-hogan tearing my cloth posing
I’m posing a friend to those posing
I’m golden, my flows frozen
Back in extra oozing, I’m grinding, getting my T on
Tell the label big on, I’m enjoying my freedom
I’m ions, B on, All you P ons.


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